20 million Galaxy S4 sold in 2 months


Man these Samsung Galaxy S4 smartphones are selling like hot cakes. I mean the smartphone is pretty cool but the numbers are very much insane. Samsung boss, JK Shin just told the Korean press that the flagship smartphone has hit the 20 million sold mark in only 60 days. This news is a slap to the rumors which were suggesting a slowdown in sales of the flagship smartphone. The reports indicating a decline in the market performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 were the reason of stock value drops for the company.

Now that the actual numbers are out, investors can once again gain confidence in the Korean company. I mean what is up with these guys anyways; can’t they see that Samsung is on cloud 9 these days? Selling 20 million units on line 60 days is no small feat. Some smartphones even struggle to get to the 10 million mark in their whole market lives. Last year the Samsung Galaxy S3 also sold a lot, reaching 20 million units sold in only 100 days. But the Galaxy S4 is doing even better with reaching the same mark in no less than 40 days.

With over 6 different models available, there is more choice than ever. The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with either a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 or Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa processors. There is 2 GB of RAM as well as a 13 MP main camera. There are various unique features like Air View and Smart Pause which makes the Samsung Galaxy S4 much more amazing than a standard flagship. The only criticism is the plastic body but apparently is not stopping people from purchasing the smartphone, despite the strong backlash on the internet. I guess if given the choice I would also chose the most uniquely featured smartphone

Source: Android Authority

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