6 Best Android Apps to Backup and Restore your Data

Backup-Everything-27On any mobile phone, you need to backup your data and that too, regularly. Well, your favorite android phone is no exception to this ultra-true rule. So, today, we have got 6 Top Free No-Root-Required backup applications for you, right here. Without wasting much time lets just go straight into applications.

Note: There are other (than what we’ve discussed below) great backup apps like Titanium Backup (link to Android Market), myBackup, etc. but we’ve just picked up only those which don’t require Root access and that they are not just trial apps too. BTW, we’ll cover such apps shortly in our upcoming article on Best Backup Android Apps for Rooted phones — paid and free. For now, if you’re looking to back up yous apps with app’s data too, Titanium backup is the best choice, provided you’ve rooted you phone.

Backup Everything Backup Master

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Backup Everything isn’t available in the Android market now, but the good news is this that another app called Backup Master is available which is very similar to the Backup Everything (in fact, I don’t know where’s the difference!).

This one is surely the king of backup applications listed here. Backup Master will not only backup and restore SMS and call logs, but also MMS, system settings, applications (all apps in one file package) and even alarms. It’s very cool and is very simple to use. It stores the backup files in your External Storage Directory: SD Card -> BackupEverything — so, in case you plan to format your sd card or want to have backup on PC or sth, simply copy this folder to another location after you’ve done a backup using this app (BTW, even though the app’s name has changed, it still stores data in the folder called ‘BackupEverything‘ that is, not ‘BackupMaster’ or sth. What makes this app stand apart is that it also gives you an option to schedule backups (daily, weekly or monthly).

Download Backup Master

Mobile Backup II

Mobile-Backup-II-3 Mobile-Backup-II-2 Mobile-Backup-II-1

Contacts, Calendar, SMS and Call Logs, Mobile backup II can backup them all on your phone’s SD Card and restore them without any fuss. Using this app you can backup and restore your data very easily. It supports Android 1.5 to 2.3 platforms.

Download Mobile Backup II

APN Backup & Restore

APN-Backup-Restore-2 APN-Backup-Restore-1

This app will help you to restore APNs in a jiffy. It’s very much important to back your APN settings, since it’s what that manage your Internet connection. So, if you’re installing a new ROM, make sure that you’ve taken backup of your APN settings. This cool apps supports all Android versions.

Download APN Backup & Restore

SMS Backup and Restore

SMS-Backup-Restore-3 SMS-Backup-Restore-2 SMS-Backup-Restore-1

This one is only for SMS backup and restore. This app also gives you the option of selecting the conversations you need to save and hence no need to unnecessarily create backup of all the  SMS. This app creates backup in XML format on the SD card which can also be converted to other formats of your liking.

Download SMS Backup and Restore

Backup to Gmail

Backup-to-Gmail-2 Backup-to-Gmail-1

Backup to Gmail will help you to back up SMS, MMS and Call log to Gmail labels automatically and you can also restore SMS and Call log to any other Android device. Just don’t forget to enable IMAP in Gmail and set the correct time zone. Download this app and you can search messages in your Gmail without worrying about losing them.

Download Backup to Gmail

SMS Backup +

SMS-Backup-2 SMS-Backup-1

This app is what we call a very unobtrusive app because it has no ads and no noticeable resource and simply does what it has to. SMS Backup automatically creates backup for SMS, MMS and call log entries using a separate label in Gmail /Google Calendar and you can also restore the same, except MMS which is not supported yet. A word of caution for DROID X/2 users though, it might not create backup of your incoming messages.

Download SMS Backup +

UiA- Backup Contacts

UiA-Backup-Contacts-2 UiA-Backup-Contacts-1

This app creates backup for your contacts but does not restores them. Here is how to go about it:

• Export contacts to the SD-Card
• Look at the CSV file in a text editor
• Upload the CSV file to dropbox
• Send the CSV file as email attachment
• Gmail or Outlook column headers
• Setup a custom CSV file

Download UiA- Backup Contacts

Of course, there are other great backup apps like Titanium Backup, myBackup, etc. but we’re just selecting only those apps which don’t require Root access and that they are not just trial apps too. BTW, we’ll cover such apps shortly in our upcoming article on Best Backup Android Apps for Rooted phones — paid and free.

So, let us know which one(s) is your favorite and why. Sound off in comments.

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