A Guide to Basic Odin Errors and their Solutions

Anyone who owns a customized Samsung smartphone, has used Odin at one point or another. Of course, there are always newer people switching to the Korean OEM to whom Odin and its various errors just seem like alien language. That is why we have decided to state out some basic Odin problems along with their solutions so users can be able to flash their phones with custom recoveries and kernels more easily than before.

Error: Odin not detecting device

Solution: This error can occur due to various different issues. The first thing you should do is to ensure that Samsung’s Latest USB drivers are installed on your computer. Also make sure that you have removed all conflicting softwares such as Universal ADB drivers etc. from your computer. Usually this will fix the problem, if not, then go ahead and systematically try changing the USB port, USB cable and as a last resort even the PC as any error in one of those may be the root cause of the problem.

Error: Odin fails stating Authentication Failed

Solution: This error occurs due to your device being locked by the carrier. To proceed with your flashing, boot up your phone and go to Settings>Security and uncheck Reactivation Lock and OEM Unlocking. Once done, you will be able to flash things to your phone. If the error persists, you are either trying to flash the wrong firmware or are trying to downgrade your Android version from a non-downgradable one. If it is the latter case, you can easily spot it as the firmware flash will fail after Odin tries to flash aboot.bin

Error: Default Odin options are fixed and can’t be changed.

Solution: This error can easily be fixed by editing the .ini file in the Odin folder. Usually you are able to mess around with any of the software’s options (though we only recommend checking or unchecking the Auto-Reboot option, depending upon your use). Just change whatever auto reboot option’s default status in the .ini file or remove its line and you will be able to check or uncheck it.

These are only 3 of the many errors that you might encounter while trying to use Odin. If you are facing a problem not mentioned here, either contact us in the chat below or wait for us to do a follow up article in which we will discuss more errors and how to fix them in detail.

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