Review: ADB over WiFi Helper – Use ADB via a WiFi network

1 3ADB is fairly a very useful tool when you want to do anything useful or tweak your phone. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain root privileges or push certain updates, the best possible solution to all of these problems is to use ADB. Now, I know that traditionally ADB is used over USB but honestly who has the time to find the USB cable now a days? If you’re anything of a neat freak as I am, you will always want a neat and clean desk which is somewhat impossible if you have a clutter of cables lying around your table. This is where ADB Over WiFi Helper comes in.

ADB Over WiFi Helper is an app that allows you to use ADB via the WiFi. The app itself consists of two parts, a .jar file that is to be kept on your computer and an .apk for your phone. You can simply flash the .apk by using any file explorer after allowing third party installations in your phone. Once the whole app is installed and set up, you can simply see which devices on your network are ready and listening.

Of course, it goes without saying that you should always use a secure wireless network for this as ADB commands are powerful and if executed by the wrong person or by someone who intends to make your phone crash, can do a lot of damage. Apart from this minor security problem, the rest of the app works just as intended and gives you no problem what so ever with any of the commands whether it is granting yourself root privileges or simply pushing or pulling some files from your device.

The app itself is available on the Play Store for a small price of $0.99, however if for any reason you are broke and can’t really afford it, you can grab a free copy shared by the developer on the XDA Forums. Links to both of the versions are given below. I will remind users again that this is a fairly advanced app, so kindly do use it at your own risk.

Google Play Store Link: Click here

XDA Forums Link: Click here

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