Android and Chrome to remain separate

2013-03-21T103915Z_1_CBRE92K0TLL00_RTROPTP_2_CTECH-US-GOOGLE-INDIASo, we all have heard the news of Andy Rubin stepping down as the head of Android and Sundar Pichai taking his place. This news led to many rumors and speculations including the most famous: Google Chrome OS and Android OS might merge into one, following the example of Microsoft’s Windows 8. These rumors were further strengthened by features like Google Now appearing in the Chrome OS.

Apparently, Google has had enough of these rumors and in a press conference in India, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Shmidt put a rest to them by answering that it won’t happen. Shmidt, said that both Android and Chrome OS would remain separate from each other but will share some commonalties among them. So, in laymen terms this means that we can expect many more common features in both the operating systems in the times to come but technically they both will remain separate from each other.

Shmidt also went on to clear all rumors that indicated him leaving Google for a government job by saying, “Google is my home.”

So, yea apparently it seems Microsoft is the only company who are trying to run a super OS that will run on all devices. Google at the moment has no such plans to do so. This is actually quite a good thing as even though Windows 8 maybe a great operating system for tablets, it has faced some serious criticism from tech experts all over the world when it was made to run on desktops. With glitches and crashes, Windows 8 truly could use a big tune up.

It seems Google is learning from the failure of its competitors and trying to keep both the desktop users and Android devices users happy by keeping a separate OS for each of them. Sure, there may be many common features that will be introduced in both of these OS but this will only be done to increase the ease of information sharing between your Chrome desktop and your Android tablet or phone.

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