How to get Android KitKat for Sony Xperia Ion


While I am all for the tech wars big OEMs indulge themselves in attempts to gain more consumers by dishing out more smartphones in all price ranges, I however do hate the fact that quite often they just stop supporting their old products on very unlikely times. I am of course talking about devices which never got the stable Jelly Bean update as they were replaced by newer models on the market. One such example is the Sony Xperia Ion which was not only ignored by Sony but also quite a lot by the developer community as its latest firmware was Android 4.1.2.

While that may have been the case with Xperia Ion, things sure have took a turn for the better as thanks to two XDA Developers (MrGezz and RaymanFX), the device is finally receiving an update to Android KitKat via an unofficial CyanogenMod 11 release.

Yes, you can finally enjoy the awesomeness that Android KitKat has brought to the table with ease on your Xperia Ion and that too without much hassle. The Rom works amazingly well from what we have heard (as none of us own a Xperia Ion, we couldn’t really try it out) but does have a couple of known bugs. These bugs include the LED indicator not working when the phone is on charge and the battery percentage initially not showing itself properly in the status bar. Of course, you can simply ignore the LED indicator bug and can overcome the percentage indicator by changing the battery status style in the ROM’s settings.

So if you do own a Sony Xperia Ion, we highly suggest that you think about giving this new ROM a try by following the installation guide below.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device either during or after the process. So proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites: You will require FlashTool installed on your computer and an unlocked device running a custom recovery.


  • Boot into your phone’s recovery and do a full factory wipe (that includes everything, cache, dalvik cache, System etc.)
  • Download the .zip file from here and extract boot.img
  • Flash boot.img via FlashTool
  • Manually format System
  • Flash the .zip file and do a full factory reset again.
  • Install Google apps and reboot.

That’s it, you now have a working Android KitKat ROM running on your Sony Xperia Ion.

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