Android Will Own Tech by 2015

3503423064_a82fa82089_zBelieve it or not, there has actually been talk about Android completely taking over the tech ecosystem within the next couple of years. This means everything: smartphones, tablets, TVs, and even traditional mobile and desktop computers for those who still use them. However, this includes more specific types of technology as well such as cameras and vehicle navigation systems. Is it really possible that Android could eventually own most of the market?

Are You Crazy?

Obviously it would be super easy to simply call me crazy and say that this is something that could never, not even in a million years, ever happen. While that’s exactly what I think too looking at this from my normal perspective, you have to look at it like someone who believes that it could happen would look at it.

Think about it, Android is continuing to gain more and more of the mobile tech market each and every day. In some cases you can even walk in to your local pharmacy and pick up an Android tablet for $99. Even a year ago the thought of going to a pharmacy and being able to get any sort of tech other than a disposable camera or a DVD player would have been unheard of.

The fact that Android has gone beyond basic mobile gives it a huge market advantage. Also, the issue of fragmentation really isn’t as bad as some people say it is because even though yes, we are starting to see Android powered ovens, the screen sizes and resolutions have pretty much stayed in the same standards, and those are the two biggest things things that developers have to worry about when making sure their app will be compatible on as many devices as possible.

Sweet Advantages

Not only does mentioning a version of Android tingle your taste buds, but there are also many other great advantages to Android. Android is currently the most open and easily to adapt platform. While that does mean that it can be taken advantage of (like Amazon did with the Kindle Fire), it still means that anyone can use it and integrate it into anything that they can think of, including ovens. Because Android started out as a mobile platform for phones and gained strength, people will have no problem figuring out how to use an appliance that is Android powered. I think we are going to see Android in a car sometime soon, with technology similar to Microsoft Sync. The reason being is because there would be no expensive partnerships required (necessarily) to integrate Android into something like that.

So Could It Happen

Yes, Android could very will take over the tech ecosystem, but it won’t. Apple, even though they are a dying company, will be around for at least another 10 years before someone has to save them by buying them out and attempting to create Apple 2.0 (kind of like Myspace 2.0). Microsoft will live on for many years to come simply because somewhere around 40% of corporate computers are still running XP. Lastly, the US government simply wouldn’t allow it to happen, and even if they did, someone else would step in to brew some new competition with Android. While it’s a nice thought to think Android might one day be the one and only, I’ll probably never live to see it happen.

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