Archos 97 Platinum – made to impress

archos97hdA few weeks back we heard an announcement that Archos is launching its 97 Titanium, a premium looking tablet. Imagine our surprise when we saw the latest Archos 97 Platinum being showcased at CES 2013. The 97 Titanium was a very beautifully designed tablet with premium looking finish which almost rivals that of the iPad. The screen was amazing and in some ways even surpassing the Retina quality found on Appleā€™s tablet. Just merely after a few weeks of the 97 Titanium being announced, we are seeing the latest model Archos 97 Platinum and its little brother 80 Platinum.

The Archos 97 Platinum and 80 are almost identical to the aforementioned 97 Titanium HD and 80 Carbon models but they do have some minor improvements done to them. The Archos 97 Platinum and 80 now come with 1.2 GHz quad core processors instead of the dual core ones found on the older models. Archos is keen on implementing quad core processors in its devices this season. Apart from that the Archos 97 Platinum has almost the same specifications which were found on the 97 Titanium. The same 9.7 inch high resolution 2048 x 1536 display with rich contrast ratios and a pixel density of 264 PPI is found on the Archos 97 Platinum. 1 GB RAM, 8 GB of on-board storage along with the option of expanding via microSD card slot. The rear facing camera is a 5MP snapper and the front one clock at 2MP.

The major attractive feature is the construction of the Archos 97 Platinum itself, featuring an Aluminum body with very well done finish. The tablets are said to arrive sometime in March in the states with a price tag of $329 for Archos 97 Platinum and $199 for the 80. This might ensue some lawsuits from the ever hungry Apple lawyers though, be sure to get them as soon as they come.

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