Astrid shutting down; what are the alternatives?

logo_fb-d27cfb6760890978326854a747ad0686Alright folks, it has finally been declared. Astrid is shutting down its services for all users starting from August 5, 2013. We all knew this day was coming ever since Yahoo acquired the famous task manager app back in May. Apparently, that is the fate of every small time app that gets purchased by a major player.

In any case, if you were one of Astrid’s users and don’t know what you will do after the app shuts down, there is no need to worry as the developers of the app were kind enough to make an export page so that you can safely export your data to other task manager apps before August 5, 2013. Oh and just a friendly reminder, if you for some reason do delay the whole process of exporting your data over to other apps, after August 5, 2013 your data will be lost forever. So, our advice is to take some time out of your schedule as soon as you can and start trying out one of the many apps that can import your Astrid data.

As of now, there are 4 apps that currently have the capability to import your data from Astrid. These apps include Wunderlist, Wrike, Any.Do and Sandglaz Pro. The whole process is also quite simple as well. You can simply use any of the above given apps as all of them have a built in import tool to make the whole transition of pulling your data from your Astrid account a seamless one. Alternatively, you can also choose to try out some of the webpages that have been set up to make the whole transition go even more smoothy,

Personally, I would recommend Wrike or Wunderlist as both of them are well known in their fields and have quite an awesome and easy to follow UI. However, the choice in the end is yours alone, so do tell us that which app you will be migrating to.

Any.Do Google Play Store Link: Click here

Write Play Store Link: Click here

Wunderlist Play Store Link: Click here

Astrid to Wunderlist Link: Click here

Astrid to Sandglaz Link: Click here

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