Asus ZenFone Zoom – New Promo Video


I’m a huge fan of Asus products, in recent years I have slowly shifted to things made by Asus. By the looks of things, it seems Asus ZenFone Zoom will be on my wish list as well. The smartphone is the first camera focused phone from the company and it clearly shows in the promo video they released. The smartphone comes with 3x optical zoom which of course was the center piece for the video they released. Take a look at the video and then come back for some details.

Now that you have seen the short video, I should firstly point out that the “zoom” they show in the video is clearly exaggerated. So don’t expect to zoom on a zebra’s belly like that in real world usage. However the other things the video shows is pretty interesting. We have already seen a couple of phones with optical zoom cameras. Nokia first came out with a phone like this, then Samsung attempted to attach a phone on the back of a digital camera. This is the very first time we are seeing optical zoom which doesn’t protrude the lens outwards.

That’s right, Asus has managed to employ clever lens placement and optics to achieve a non-extending lens system and produce zoomed in photos. Sure digital zoom is there on all the phones but that basically blows up the digital image instead of actual zoom. Optical zoom will come in handy in tricky shots and I’m pretty sure creative users will be able to produce stellar results. The smartphone looks better than the previous version of ZenFone. While the faux leather back is nothing impressive, it still has better grip than brushed metal plastic. The Asus ZenFone Zoom is aiming to release soon it seems. We will keep a close eye on the smartphone and update you as soon as it is officially announced.

Official Product Page: ASUS Zenfone Zoom

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