AT&T Next looking to counter T-Mobile’s JUMP


Last week we reported about T-Mobile’s new offer called JUMP, which allowed customers to upgrade their smartphones. Well AT&T also announced that they will be announcing something new on the 16th of July and apparently it’s their very own version of JUMP called AT&T Next. The AT&T Next will be almost like the T-Mobile JUMP, which will enable users to frequently upgrade their smartphones. We were really happy when JUMP was announced and we are happy now that AT&T customers have something of that sort. This is a fine example of healthy competition folks, carriers dishing it out in order to offer the best service to their customers.

The AT&T Next will be almost the same as JUMP except for some differences. The AT&T Next will only allow you to upgrade your smartphone once a year instead of twice a year like T-Mobile’s JUMP. This might be a small thing but we really liked the two flagships a year offer. Still many will be perfectly happy with an upgrade once a year, after all not all users fancy the thought of using a unfamiliar device every 6 months or so. But AT&T Next won’t be charging you anything up front when you buy a device, which is definitely a great thing. The AT&T Next can be used either with a tablet or a smartphone and upon purchasing you are not bound to pay anything. There will be no activation fees, no upgradation fees or financing fees.

The AT&T Next will cost from $15 to $50 and the payments are designed to make the smartphone payments complete in 20 months. For example you bought a Samsung Galaxy S4, there were no up-front payments but you have to pay $32 per month for it. A year passes and you seem to fancy another smartphone, you exchange your Galaxy S4 with that one. But you won’t be getting the Galaxy S4 for yourself after paying what seems to accumulate to $384 in payments. The contract restarts and you are good to go once again.

Check out the AT&T Next official page for more details.

Source: AT&T Next

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