Best of CES 2013 – PimpMyRom Android Edition

best of CES 20132013 was another great year for Android at CES, and there was a ton of cool stuff shown off. No doubt that CES was another great year for Android tablets, and especially low priced Android tablets. In fact, that’s what we’re going to start off with.

As expected, Acer has announced their lower priced budget tablet, the Iconia B1-A71. While there is no known price for it yet, the specs are what we were expecting and it will definitely be under $150.

nexusae0_thisisaphotoofanoven_thumbI’ve been predicting that 2013 was going to be the year that Android would go beyond mobile, and that’s just what has happened at CES this year. Dacor showed off their Discovery IQ smart-oven running Android 4.0.3 at CES this year. While the price is hefty at $4499 for the single-oven, I’m actually betting that this concept of having a full tablet right at your oven will catch on and the price will go down overtime. It’s a convenience being able to pull up recipes right there and even possibly have some sort of integration to where the oven can automatically preheat and then set the timer as you go along with the recipe. Now that one company has made something beyond mobile running Android, it’s only up to developers and inventors as far as how Android could end up in 2013.

best of CES 2013As expected, Polaroid confirmed their iM1836 Android powered camera. While at first i thought the idea of an Android powered camera was pointless, it could be handy for those who want to get more out of their favorite Android camera apps. For me though, I would just use Dropbox so I could transfer the photos from the camera to my computer without a cable, and in that case I’d be better off buying a Wi-Fi SD Card. Either way, I think these are going to keep point and shoots alive. I doubt we will see and SLRs running Android.

best of CES 2013Polaroid released their M series tablets, and these definitely get my award for budget tablets of CES. Polaroid has stuck around for a long time thanks to their inexpensive electronics that are appealing to the budget market. The M7 has a 1280×800 resolution IPS display, which is directly competing with Amazon and Google, and the retail price for this tablet is said to be around $129, which will be very attractive and super low priced.

best of CES 2013Yota released some breakthrough technology with their dual screen YotaPhone. Imagine having a beautiful LCD display, and then being able to switch to a E-Ink display when you are simply reading text. This could save so much battery life and is really the answer for large-display phones. I do spend a lot of time reading text on my phone, and having this ability to switch to a more battery effecient display but still have that standard display as well is very appealing. The phone also removes all the standard buttons of Android, and replaces it with a gesture panel at the bottom portion of the screen which could be very handy once learned. I’m excited for this technology and hope it’s adopted by many once the YotaPhone is released.

Exynos4Quad-topSamsung released their Exynos processor which just happens to be a octacore chip. I’m honestly surprised that we are already squeezing octacore chips into phones, but nonetheless excited. I just wonder if you really need that much power in a phone, maybe a tablet but definitely not a phone, either way, it’s nice to see that Samsung is continually moving forward with their processor chips. Hopefully they can work on increasing the battery life as well while they’re at it.

Android is getting used better and better with the devices that are created to run it. However, I do sometimes really worry about fragmentation. However, I’ve noticed that as far as the main factor, screen size/resolution, we are pretty much sticking with standards. 7 and 10 are the standard sizes for tablets, and 5 inches is starting to become a big standard for phones. Even the Android powered oven is a 7 inch tablet, so from that aspect fragmentation isn’t really a problem. I think 2013 is going to be a huge year for Android, and I’m hoping to see integration in a vehicle or two by the end of 2013.


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