Black Galaxy Note 2 – putting the axy in galaxy

NoteIIblackThe rumors of a black Galaxy Note 2 are not all that new. Hell, whenever a new phone releases there are numerous rumors of additional colors and variants. If the launch line up doesn’t have a white version, internet wants a white one and if it lacks a black one, well you got the picture. So it was only natural that customers (who wouldn’t even buy the phone) started yapping about the lack of one basic color “black”. Needless to say, that a black Galaxy note 2 does seem like a really attractive device.

So you wished for a black Galaxy Note 2 and this is exactly what you will be getting, a black Galaxy Note 2. If rumors are to be believed that the latest variant will be coming in early 2013. A Swiss blog AndroidSlash got hold of a really high resolution press render of a black Galaxy Note 2. And to be honest it does look amazing in black. Don’t take me wrong the white one is damn pleasing to the eyes too, but a black model always exhibit that “premium” aura. It is good to see that the Black Galaxy Note 2 has retained the faux metallic look in its latest dressing. The Galaxy S3 unfortunately lost that when it came to the black version, giving the smartphone a cheap glossy look.

And there is also a chance that we might see more variations of the Galaxy Note 2 in near future. Samsung do like to give customers small doses of color pallets. The Galaxy S3 now has a very wide range of colors available to choose from, and we have no doubt that the Galaxy Note 2 will soon follow suit. So did the black Galaxy Note 2 looks more amazing to you? Are you falling for this color as well? Even though the image looks fake we have faith that Samsung will introduce more colors in upcoming tech events.

Source: AndroidSlash

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