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When it comes to buggy apps, no other app can even come close to the notoriety of the official Facebook app available on the Play Store. Not only does the app have a lot of bugs, it also can put quite a strain on your device’s battery as well as ensuring that your phone slows down by a fair amount. Of course, the fact that the app doesn’t wipe its own cache also isn’t really all that helpful either. With such a buggy app it’s really quite a pleasant surprise whenever you use the browser version of Facebook. Not only does the social media website work flawlessly but you also find yourself browsing through your newsfeed with ease. This is where the concept of an app called Facebook Browser takes its roots.

Facebook Browser is an unofficial, independent Facebook app that basically is a simple internet browser that gives you instant access to your Facebook account. Since the app is an independent one, you don’t need any other browsers for this app to work. The app basically merges Facebook with WebView and allows users to finally get rid of the bloated, slow and bugged Facebook app from their devices.

With a simplistic UI and two versions to choose from, which basically let users choose whether they want to have the action bar displayed in the app or not, the app can be used to adjust to your phone’s unique layout with ease.

Of course that being said the app does have a few short comings here and there such as the lack of notifications popping up in your notification bar but considering the fact that the app allowed me to get rid of the official Facebook app, I must say that the Facebook Browser is definitely worth trying out especially if you’re someone who spends a lot of time on the social media website. Now do remember that the app isn’t really up and running on the Play Store as of yet but you can nonetheless download the apk of the app from XDA Developers by visiting the link given below.

XDA Developers Forum Link: Click Here

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