Carbon app for Twitter now available on PlayStore

unnamed (1)Who doesn’t like using Twitter? I mean many of us tweet our daily lives like junkies on Twitter in vain hopes that somebody, somewhere would read them and could relate to them. As silly as our whole quest for recognition by this society sounds, it has and always will remain there. To help us in that quest, at least on Twitter, the Carbon app for Twitter is now finally available on the Play Store.

Yes, the long talks are over and the developers have finally pushed a final version for Android smartphones on to the Google Play Store. Unfortunately the app is not compatible with tabs right now but according to developers tab support will be added shortly.

The app itself gives a dark UI (which is perfect for my needs as like so many people Black is one of my favorite colors) along with multiple account access. The app was smooth over all without any annoying hiccups. Some other features of the app as advertised on the Play Store include:

– Tilt Timeline to Refresh
– Power Scroll: Scroll/Swipe up or down using Two fingers to jump to top or bottom of Timelines
– Tap+Hold on Tweets to make everything clickable right on the Timeline
– QuickTimeline, home screen quick Timeline for Lists, Searches, Trends, etc…
– Rich Timelines with full inline images and videos
– Rich and HD style for User Profiles
– Rich and fun Conversation View
– Threaded Direct Messages
– Background updates with quick actions for Jelly Bean, per account
– Username Autocomplete
– Filters for Hashtags, Users, and Keywords

Among its so many features as advertised above, the app does have many short comings as well, apart from its incompatibility to run on Android tablets. The app right now lacks the ability to shorten URLS, allow you access to post pictures on Twitter, the option to retweet some of your favorite tweets or notification update times. But the biggest complaint that many people I told the app about had was the unavailability of different themes for the app. Let’s face it not many people like dark themes for apps for their smart phones.

For all those who still are on Twitter and like to tweet away about their daily activities, I would highly recommend trying this app for as long as it’s free. Trust me on this, it won’t be long till they decide to put a price tag on the app as soon as they fix some major bugs (mentioned above) and add some more options. The app would improve overall over time as the developers are quite vigilant in their bug response and are looking forward to working with the community to make this app good (at least that is what they say). Anyhow, the speculation about this app getting a price tag may be wrong as many other apps are still free on the Play Store such as Facebook, Viber etc.

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