Android Apps

Review: Noom Walk: 24/7 Pedometer – Stay Fit

There are a lot of fitness apps available on the Play Store. From diet charts, to BMI calculators, to exercise guides to even pedometers, you name it and the Play Store has it. Now, of course some of these apps are good while others are totally crap however, when it comes to pedometers we do have the battery consumption to ...

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Review: CPU-Z Beta – Know your device intimately

Keeping up to date with the exact specifications of your electronic devices along with how much they are being used is quite important. Well, at least that is the case for me. Perhaps that’s why I always keep CPU-Z handy on my desktop version. Now, users of the tool for desktops will be happy to know that an Android version ...

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Review: Cloud Print – A cloud printing app by Google

In today’s world the concept of submitting hard copies is slowly vanishing as everything is going electronic. However, even then we do encounter the occasional documents that in any case have to be printed on a sheet of paper and dealt with. Perhaps that is why, we can’t really negate the importance of printers and even though everything has become ...

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