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StumbleUpon – an app worth stumbling

I love surfing the internet, I surf while on the job (don’t tell my boss), I surf while having breakfast and I surf will in the loo (statistics show that you all do too). And I usually read and have a hearty laugh at meme pictures. StumbleUpon used to be my companion when I surfed on my PC, back then ...

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Chrome Beta Update available

Nothing irks me more than having my browser being stuck at a particular webpage or when they just stop responding to my commands entirely (just don’t get me started on the lame thing of a browser that comes in stock Android on Samsung). Let’s face it, slow browsers suck especially when it comes to smart phones. So, for all those ...

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baconreader for reddit

Review: BaconReader for Reddit

Since Reddit still doesn’t have an official app, it’s up to fans to develop great Reddit reading applications. Just over a week ago, I reviewed Reddit Now for Android. Now it’s time to try BaconReader for Reddit.         The UI of BaconReader for Reddit makes me very happy, and this is what I noticed right away when ...

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Fitocracy: A RPG workout app

To be honest, I am somewhat of a fitness freak who often gets the sudden urge to workout but also loses it fast due to lack of motivation or thrill. If you are anything of a lazy, gaming bum like me you will understand what I am talking about. I mean working out is so boring! Well, it used to ...

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Review: EbookDroid – DJVU Reader for Android

One of the greatest impacts Galaxy series and tablets had on my life was their portability especially in the book department. If you are somewhat of a nerd like me who loves to read different books or do advanced studies on the subject, you would know what I mean when I say this: Thank God I am rid of all ...

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Get the Windows 8 experience on your Android with Tile Launcher

Windows 8 may not have stirred up all that excitement that it’s predecessor Windows 7 did, but the revamped Windows Phone launcher that we have been seeing since WP 7.5 is something else. Using resizable and customizable tiles, which result in a clean, minimalist and uncluttered look it sure looks classy and elegant, the brilliant colors of the tile emphasized ...

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reddit now for Android

Review: Reddit Now for Android

There really aren’t that many good ways to browse Reddit on Android rather than simply loading up the website on your browser, so it’s always nice to see when someone makes an attempt to create an app to browse Reddit. A lot of my inspiration for posts lately has come from stuff on Reddit, so it’s very important to have access to ...

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tweedle for twitter

Review: Tweedle for Twitter

Tweedle for Twitter has recently been updated to version, so I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to give it a review. My Twitter client of choice has always been Seesmic, so we will see how I like Tweedle. Tweedle for Twitter When I first started up Tweedle for Twitter, I was pleasantly surprised to find a sleek interface ...

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