Android Apps

Directory Bind – move the bulky apps/games to external memory

Are you tired of being bound by the stupid restrictions put in by your smartphone manufacturers? Are you fed up how you cannot move some applications and games to external microSD card? Are you spending more time in memory management than enjoying your awesome Android phone? Well fear not dear readers, Directory Bind will solve all your problems (won’t mow ...

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officesuite professional 6

OfficeSuite Professional 6 – Available for Free!

We’re not sure if this is a late Christmas gift, an accident, or just a random thing. Either way, OfficeSuite Professional 6, which normally sells for $14.99 on the Amazon Android Apps Store, is available completely free. OfficeSuite Professional is a full blown office suite for your Android phone or tablet which includes all of the following features:     ...

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Google Music – interchanging explicit with clean songs

It has not been very long since Google launched its very own music recognition service. The conveniently named Google Song match is not a unique or novel idea though. It has been used by famous apps like Shazam and Sound Hound. But for the people who like everything Google, Google Music is the kind of service to be had. As ...

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CleverConnectivity – Automatically Switch between 3G and wiFi connectivity without interrupting downloads!

With devices increasingly making use of inbuilt data connectivity capabilities to keep the user in touch with personal as well as work contacts, life without internet access is now increasingly unthinkable, especially if you use your smartphone and/or tablet to get you through your average day. A few years ago, a smartphone or tablet would have been thought of as ...

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best android apps

So You Got Your First Android Device for Christmas? – Here are the Best Android Apps You Need!

So you just opened up your Christmas presents, and under the tree you find a brand new Samsung Galaxy S3, congratulations! Samsung is releasing a Samsung Galaxy S4 to top it off sometime next year, but no, really, congratulations! If this is your first time with Android, then you are probably going to want some recommendations. The Google Play store has some 700,000 ...

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quiz app

Kwizzly Social Quiz App is Going to Amaze You!

As we all know, many great apps (such as Instagram) start on iOS and then work their way over to Android. Turn that around and you can say that many great apps start on Android, and then work their way over to iOS. The point here is that a lot of dual-platform apps started on one, had success, and were ...

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Camera ZOOM FX- probably the best camera app

After getting myself a Galaxy S3 (finally), I started tinkering with the camera. Everyone is at least once curious about what their new camera can achieve. Hence I started experimenting only to find the Galaxy S3’s camera excellent yet lacking in the fanfare. I resorted to Instagram but I hated when it blatantly cropped my photos into a square. Those ...

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Review: Pocket – Read it Later

This is going to sound horrible or impossible to some, but there are actually situations where you will find yourself without data or WiFi on your phone. Or, maybe you are one of those people who likes to read articles on your phone or tablet before going to bed. If you could relate to either of those, buckle in, grab ...

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