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Win for Android: Google Maps Causes Huge Spike in iOS 6 Updates

Let’s face it, Apple can’t make  a maps application, and when they try, its always a complete failure. One of the biggest things that could have brought the iPhone 5 completely down was the removal of Google Maps, and an attempted switch to Apple Maps. It was a complete disaster and led tons of people in the wrong direction. iPhone ...

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instagram alternative

Instagram Alternative: Paintify for Android

Incase the news didn’t already hit you, Instagram changed their terms of service, and a lot of users are pretty fed up about it. National Geographic even is going as far as to suspend new posts due to being “very concerned with the direction of the proposed new terms…”. Because so many people are beginning to leave Instagram for fear that ...

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Review: Pimp my Rom for Android

Remember ROM Toolbox Lite I reviewed a couple of days ago? Pimp my Rom is a higher horse-powered version that packs a lot more power. It is more tailored to those who want to get the most possible out of Android. Let’s jump right into the overview and review!             Tools The tools sections includes ...

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google voice free

Google Voice Free for 2013

This blog post probably has to do more with Google as a company rather than Android, but you can integrate Google Voice pretty well into your full Android experience, so that’s why I decided to go ahead and write this story. For those of you who might not be familiar with Google Voice, Google Voice is essentially a service where ...

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Review: CloudMagic for Android

Ever forget where you stored a file, and need a one stop spot where you can search for it across multiple platforms? That’s what CloudMagic for Android aims to do. Can it really perform at this task though? We’ll see Overview When I first opened up CloudMagic, I was greeted with this lovely window to either log in or create ...

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Review: New York Times for Android

Just Like Toilet Paper, it Does What It’s Supposed to Do Alright, so you might already get the impression that I don’t like the New York times. That’s not true at all. They have some really good content. I don’t like however, how they are screwing it up with their attempt to make it digital. I will however, guarantee that ...

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Review: ROM Toolbox Lite for Android

I was running into a problem with Instagram after installing Cyanogenmod where the picture would flicker when I was trying to apply a filter and share it. This made the app impossible to use. It turns out that in order to fix it, I needed to edit what is called a build.prop. This is similar to a registry entry in ...

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Google Maps becomes number one on App Store

It seems that Google Maps was just like a useful friend who was always there yet the iUsers never appreciated it. That is until the made friends with the new kid called iMaps and kicked Gmaps out of their lives without any good reason. It turns out iMaps was just an incompetent guy with no sense of “direction” (see what ...

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