Android Apps

Google+ and Google Calendar gets updated

Looks like Google is getting in the mood for Christmas, that wonderful time of the year when everyone is trying to give something. Google is updating it’s to major applications on the Android platform. The calendar update will make it one of the most functional and helpful app in the Android operating system. Not only you can now save appointments ...

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Review: Facebook 2.0 For Android

It’s not normal for me to review something as simple as Facebook, but this one had to be done. Today, Facebook released a new Facebook for Android 2.0, and it’s definitely touched up a lot. I’ve always had problems with Facebook for Android, even on my Galaxy S3 with a dual-core processor and plenty of RAM. The app would often lock up ...

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Google Sound Search. Shazam Knock-off?

This is such awesome news for music lovers around the world. Today Google released their version of Shazam, code name Sound Search which is available for download from the Play Store today. The standalone version of the Sound Search for Google Play has recently been made available to Android 4.0 and up sporting devices. So why should I download this? Well, it is ...

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new youtube tablet

YouTube for Android Gets Facelift on Tablet

A new version of YouTube for Android is now available, and to those of you who have a 10″ tablet, you will be getting a face-lift to your experience. All you 10″ tablet users will now be getting the same, more streamlined and cleaned up experience that smartphone and 7″ tablets have had for several months. I’m honestly kind of surprised for ...

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Twitter already moved on – Introduced photo filters

If you are a keen user of Instagram and like to tweet your pictures too, then you might have seen that Instagram no longer has the option to do so. What happened here is that Twitter and Instagram were once married, and then they had some sort of fall out maybe the love wasn’t there anymore. Their relationship went cold, ...

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Google’s Android Malware Scanner is Useless

Well, it turns out Android is a lot less secure than we thought it was originally. Of course, any operating system can be hacked and be infected with viruses if it gets big enough, which is why Macs have gotten large scale infections now. It turns out that Google’s system for scanning apps to check for infection before they are ...

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best gallery app for Android

Best Gallery App for Android

Being a rooter/hacker sort of guy, i generally don’t like the stock Android apps. When I got my first Android phone one of the first things I had problems with was the stock Gallery app. I didn’t like the layout of it, and sorting was nothing to get too excited about. I quickly came across Quickpic. It’s free in the ...

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App Review: AVG Antivirus for Android

Android devices are becoming increasingly popular every day due to their affordability. This also means they are becoming increasingly popular to hackers. There have already been many cases of Android phones being infected. Some of them were where the hacker got access to contacts and sent out spam, but others got into the phone and created a bunch of charges ...

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Top grade education apps for Android

Perhaps one of the most promising applications of mobile technology is the growing access to knowledge. Web-connected smartphones put a universe of knowledge in the palm of your hand, and that’s an incredibly powerful thing. Sure, the iPhone seems to get all the attention when it comes to education apps for mobile users, but Android is moving to the head ...

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