Android Apps

Review: RomManager – Manage your device’s kernel and ROM

Now, I know sometimes there are apps available on the Play Store with the same name thus making the whole process of picking up the right app quite difficult. What’s more, quite often these apps tend to offer different functionalities completely. A prime example of which can be of the app, we are going to review today. The app is ...

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adb over wifi helper 4

Review: ADB over WiFi Helper – Use ADB via a WiFi network

ADB is fairly a very useful tool when you want to do anything useful or tweak your phone. It doesn’t matter whether you want to gain root privileges or push certain updates, the best possible solution to all of these problems is to use ADB. Now, I know that traditionally ADB is used over USB but honestly who has the ...

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Review: Kernel Tweaker – Tweak that Kernel to the max

As any developer knows, the essence of any good ROM for your smartphone lies in the power of the kernel it utilizes. While your ROM may very well be exceptionally written, a bad choice of kernel can not only ruin the performance but also may cause the device in question to glitch or in some cases even come to a ...

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MotionShot for all devices running on Android 4.x

While tech junkies love to pick their phones on the basis of hardware etc. most people just like to go for the phone that offer the best features in terms of the things they use daily. That is why major OEMs often focus more on things like camera features rather than making the smartphone developer friendly or adding something truly ...

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VSCO, the popular camera app comes to Android

Do you need a simple yet powerful camera app on your smartphone? Try out VSCO. VSCO is a very popular iPhone camera application with a very strong fan base. The app is now available on the Google Play Store for you to get. I have just downloaded VSCO and have been playing with it for the last 2-3 hours, taking ...

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Review: MixBit – Edit videos with your friends

Let’s face it editing is one of the hardest tasks when it comes to the process of releasing a video. Not only does the process take a whole lot of time but often at times you just fail to deliver what you envisioned in your head. Sure, if you do get it right you do get the reward by getting ...

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