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megajump for android review

Game Review: MegaJump for Android

Looking for an easy, fun, hilarious way to kill several hours? I discovered MegaJump for Android about a month ago when I was first getting into gaming on android. The goal of this game is real simple, move your phone back and forth and collect coins. Every time you hit a coin, you will bounce up a little bit further ...

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Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour –coming to an Android near you

Gameloft is a company which usually makes great mobile games. Even though the ideas and concepts of the said games are directly lifted from popular franchises. One of the “inspired” game series is Modern Combat. This despite looking like a shameless rip off or a much famous console/pc game provides a great experience. The game is the standard run of ...

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Need for Speed Most Wanted Review

The Need for Speed used to be almost a synonym for quality racing games. The long running franchise was at the top one time and there were legions of loyal followers of the series. I for one, have played each and every entry in the series from NFS one to the latest Most Wanted. But I have to be honest ...

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An Android powered GamePad? Yes please!

In August this year, we were pleasantly excited about an announcement Archos made. The said announcement was of a new tablet the company was looking to launch. The “tablet” looked great and intriguing but we had a feeling this might stay in the books for a long time. Fortunately we were surprised today when we heard about the launch of ...

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GTA Vice City – bringing the violent 80s to your phone

On the glorious occasion of its 10 year anniversary, the gaming giant Rockstar brings us the exceptional gangster tale. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is an open world sandbox game which allows you to be a total maniac on the streets (virtual ones that it). Just like the previously released GTAIII, only much better. Those of you who are young ...

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