Android Mods / Tweaks

How to password protect your apps on Android

With the increasing amount of personal information that we keep on our smart phones, security is a concerning issue. Quite often, we manage to ward off potential peeping toms by the use of our screen locks and what not but let’s be honest, there are times when we just have to give our phone to some people we “trust”. Of ...

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Android 4.3 on Sony Xperia SP

How to get HTC Sense 4 style task switcher for Xperia SP

While all Android devices run a different version of Android as their firmware, it mostly depends upon the OEM which style they go for. Each OEM has their own UI e.g. Samsung with their TouchWiz or HTC with their Sense etc. However, Sony somewhat likes to keep its ROM stock and as a result usually is quite dull when it ...

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How to change your phone’s icons using Xposed

One of the best features that comes from owning an Android smartphones is the shear amount of customizability the OS has to offer. You can change almost anything from the kernel that commands your phone to the littlest bit of detail in your firmware just to make your phone more fun and personal. One of the best ways to customize ...

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How to fix the ambient light issue on Nexus 5

The Nexus 5 is an amazing device albeit a few bugs that are there courtesy of Android KitKat. However, the device will soon receive the Android 4.4.3 update which will hopefully remove all these bugs and make the LG flagship a force to be reckoned with. Till then, users can find other ways to deal with the various problems that ...

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How to increase the number of lock screen pattern attempts

In my view, there is nothing worse than being paranoid about your digital security and being forgetful at the same time. While, I know it is your right to exercise your security over all of your digital devices, it can really be a drag if you keep forgetting your passwords or screen pattern locks. While we can’t really help you ...

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How to install CyanogenMod 11 on HTC Desire Z

  Ever since Android was released, there have only been a handful of devices which actually had a physical keyboard. One of those devices was the HTC Desire Z and while the device itself wasn’t as popular in the market as you would imagine, it did fairly well. Now, after 4 years of its release, owners of the device would ...

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