Review: QWOP – Time to get frustrated all over again

Ever wondered what it would be like if you ever have to learn how to walk all over again? Well for players of the famous QWOP game, that’s a question that really strikes a nerve. I mean wasn’t the agony of falling down over and over again not enough that Noodlecakes decided that it was time people failed at running ...

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Review: Alien Blitz – A top down shoot ’em up game

Shoot ‘em up games are usually a lot of fun to play as they usually allow players to let loose and just start shooting everything in their sights. Of course one may argue that this does take the fun out of most games but I don’t know there just is something special about covering the entire screen with bullets flying ...

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Review: Squarescape – A 2D puzzle game

Puzzle games are generally a lot of fun to play on Android devices as they usually are low on graphics and can be run on virtually all smartphones and tablets but they also don’t have you struggle long and hard with the controls of the game. Squarescape by Noodlecake Studios is a prime example of such games. In Squarescape you ...

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