Android 4.2.2 available on Nexus?

All of us know that Android 4.2+ has had seen its fair share of problems and there are many bugs still in the OS that need to be squashed. Rumors of a new OS, namely Android 4.2.2 have been circulating around the web for quite some time but it was somewhat confirmed when two websites from Brazil and Malaysia uploaded ...

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Rumor has it – Pantech Perception, another mid-range device, this time headed towards Verizon

While CES was abuzz with announcements of 5+ inch HD phablets, AT&T went against the grain and announced a mid-range device which would be available on contract for $50 – the Pantech Discover. Though classified as mid-range, at least that’s what the $50 tag seems to suggest, the Pantech Discover is certainly no slouch in the specs department. But then, ...

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biggest smartphone manufacturer in 2013

Who Will Be the Biggest Smartphone Manufacturer in 2013?

Samsung had a stellar year in 2013 and became the largest, most talked about Android device¬†manufacturer¬†in 2013. The Galaxy S3 and their promotion of it was some of the best I’ve seen, and their hard work and initial investments put them at the top. It was one of the most talked about and most given away Android smartphones in 2012, ...

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google smartwatch

Will We See a Google Smartwatch at CES?

Google is definitely working hard on developing their own devices outside of tablets, smartphones, and laptops. Now, there is a possibility for a Google Smartwatch, which makes me wonder if they are still going to try and make Google Glass as big as they say it could be. Here’s a few glimpses of what a Google Smartwatch could do. As ...

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Breaking – More HTC M7 details and specs leaked ahead of CES

We’ve already heard rumors that HTC’s 2013 flagship device, the M7 ,would be unveiled at CES next week. Leaked info on Twitter suggested that HTC may be looking at a complete new design approach and doing away with physical buttons and opting for on-screen buttons instead. Today we have some fresh information which has popped up at HTC Source, which ...

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google predictions

Paul’s Google Predictions for 2013

Google had a successful year in 2013. They came out with a wide new collection of devices and several new releases of Android. We do a lot of rumors on this blog, so I thought it would be fun to do some predictions and see if they end up as rumors. Google Predictions for Android Since this is an Android ...

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Rumor has it – LG to unveil 5″ 1080p Optimus 2G at CES

With 5″+ Full HD 1080p display toting phones being the current rage, and CES just around the corner, it is no surprise that various manufacturers like HTC, ZTE, Huawei etc are preparing to unveil their flagship devices for 2013. The latest manufacturer to join the ever-growing list is now LG. According to the latest rumors from Taiwan, LG’s 5″ 1080p ...

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Rumor has it – Ubuntu for Android launching on January 2nd?

We all know Android is a flexible operating system, in fact, probably the most flexible and customizable one among the current crop of major mobile platforms. The fact that Google makes source code for each version freely available also makes it a developer’s dream platform. Now those of you who are familiar with the Linux OS would definitely be more ...

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