$99 budget Nexus 7

Rumor Has It – $99 Budget Nexus 7

No, you didn’t read that wrong, you also aren’t going crazy. There are rumors spreading around now that a $99 budget version (as if $200 isn’t already budget) of the Nexus 7 spreading around. This rumor has already come up once, but then again, it took the iPad mini a couple of years worth of rumors before it actually hapenned. ...

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Rumor Has It – Google Branded Chromebook in 2013

Let’s face it, Google is starting to come out with a lot of products that have their stamp on them, however, they aren’t fully Google branded. The tablets are Asus, the phones are LG, the Chromebooks are Samsung. There hasn’t been a device (I know about) from Google that has hit the mainstream market that was fully Google branded. There ...

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polaroid android camera

Rumor Has It: Polaroid Android Powered Camera

Well well well… It seems that Samsung’s idea of an Android powered camera isn’t that stupid after all, in fact  the idea is so good that there are now rumors of a possible Polaroid Android powered camera. I still think that an Android powered camera is a waste of money, unless you’re an Instagram fanatic. Also, it’s just another thing to add ...

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Rumor Has It: Foxconn Manufacturing Amazon Smartphone

Ever since (and even possibly before) Amazon started making tablets, there has been talk about a possible Amazon Smartphone. In my honest opinion, I don’t think there is really room for another smartphone manufacturer, but I’ll leave that up to the numbers to decide. There is a new article from Taiwan Ecomonic News reporting that Foxconn will be making the ...

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Rumor Has It – 128GB Sony Yuga

I was thinking of giving this blog post a more creative title, until I realized the scale of this rumor. There is now speculation that the 1080p Sony Yuga we covered just yesterday could also now be a 128GB Sony Yuga. I personally originally thought that this was going to include SSD technology for the storage, until I realized that ...

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Rumor Has It – Google Wireless Coming Soon

There has been plenty of talk in the past about Google starting their own cellular service to compete with the other major carriers. I really don’t blame them, they have the money, the time, and no reason not to. Also, as open source as Google is, it makes perfect sense that they would want to have their own cell phone ...

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1080p sony yuga phone

Rumor Has It – 1080p Sony Yuga Phone

According to the rumor mill, 2012 could be the year for 1080p phones at CES. Here’s another potential one to add to the list. This apparently leaked photo shows a 5 inch, 1080p Sony Yuga Phone. This leaked photo comes from swiss Android site Android Schweiz. The site claims that this phone will have a 1.5GHz quad core, most likely a snapdragon ...

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panasonic 1080p smartphone

Rumor Has It – Panasonic Could Be Entering the Smartphone Market

Coverage: Panasonic P-02E Smartphone Confirmed There could be a Panasonic 1080p smartphone coming our way. Panasonic is a company that is known mainly for their high end cameras and military grade notebook computers, but it looks as if they might be entering the smartphone market more in the US. Samsung, HTC, and Motorola are the big guys right now, could ...

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Rumor has it – Samsung Galaxy Note III with a 6.3-inch screen

Analysts after reading a report published in The Korea Times concluded that the next iteration of the much popular Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will ship with a 6.3 inch screen. Those analysts (read internet reporters) also suspect that the screen will be OLED (organic light emitting diode) in nature. After reading the report, I couldn’t find a single reference to ...

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