China Might Replace Android and Windows with Homegrown OS


In recent news, it was made announced by China that they are currently working on a Chinese home brewed OS which is set to replace Windows and Android OS from smartphones once and for all in the country.

This news shouldn’t really come as a surprise to many of us as China has always had a thing against technology made in the US. Of course the current US-China relations isn’t particularly useful to the whole process as well as security concerns about alleged backdoors from the NSA was cited as among the top most reasons for the need of a Chinese made OS that was able to run on phones, tablets and computers alike.

This isn’t the first time that China has attempted something like that as their hate for Google’s search and messaging services are well known. In any case, they have managed to release OS such as COS and Kylin in the past, though they never really managed to catch on like Android or Windows. What makes this news worth reporting is the fact that this time around, the project is being headed by Guangnan Ni, who co-founded Chinese computer make Lenovo back in 1984 and is among the top respected tech scientists in the country.

No other details about the OS have been made public at this moment but it is expected that the OS will be released for public use sometime in the coming October. The only thing that remains to be seen is what Google and/or Microsoft can really do to ensure the Chinese government that their mistrust in their services is wrongly placed. I guess that’s another thing people can blame on the NSA as the world is slowly starting to distrust anything the agency does thanks to the stories of its adventures that just seem to keep pouring out. In any case, what do you think about all of this? Do you really believe that the Chinese made OS will be able to replace Android or will it just be another failed project such as the COS or Kylin?

Source: CNN via Xinhua News Agency

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