Custom ROM – Eclipse Razr M for the Droid RAZR M

RAZR-M-600x400The Motorola Droid RAZR M is a mid-range handset with more than decent specs which was released late last year along with its high-end siblings – the Droid RAZR HD and the RAZR MAXX HD. It also holds the distinction of being the first new Motorola phone post the acquisition of Moto by Google last year. One of the distinctive features of this device is the 4.3-inch near edge-to-edge Super AMOLED display that you call almost bezel-less. Throw in a speedy 1.5GHz, dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of included storage and a microSD card slot for expanded storage, and you have a winner on your hands.

And when you have a winner, the developer community gets into overdrive, and the custom ROMs start flowing. Surprisingly, there haven’t been too many Custom ROMs out for this device just as yet, although Bootloader unlock and Root are very much achieved. Of the few custom ROMs out there available for the RAZR M, one of them which stands out is the Eclipse RAZR M. Based on the Eclipse RAZR Source, the ROM combines the new Motoblur UI with AOSP goodies, is dark themed and includes various tweaks and enhancements to offer a smooth, stable and battery friendly experience. Here’s how you can install the Eclipse RAZR M ROM on your Droid RAZR M.

Install Eclipse RAZR M on the Droid RAZR M

  1. You need to be rooted and have a custom recovery installed on your RAZR M to be able to install this ROM. You can use this guide to Root your RAZR M and Install Safestrap Recovery
  2. Get the latest version of the Eclipse RAZR M ROM from the original XDA thread.
  3. Connect your Droid RAZR M to the computer and transfer the downloaded ROM zip file from Step 2 to the SDcard on your device
  4. Now disconnect your RAZR M  We need to boot to Safestrap recovery now, To do that open the Safestrap app on your device and use the Reboot to recovery option
  5. At the splash screen, choose recovery to boot into Safestrap. You need to select the option within 10 seconds, to avoid booting back in to the normal OS
  6. The top of the screen should show “Safestrap System is: Disabled” (that is what we want right now and is also referred to as “Non-Safe mode”).
  7. Make a back up of your existing ROM within recovery, Wait for the backup to complete, it might take a few minutes.
  8. In the Safestrap recovery menu, navigate to and enter the Safe Boot Menu and Select Enable Safe System. Wait a few minutes for Safestrap to finish backing up the necessary system files.
  9. Now from the recovery main menu, scroll to Wipe Data /Factory Reset and select it. Confirm wipe in the next step. This could take a few minutes, so don’t panic and be patient.
  10. Once that’s done, select Wipe Cache from the main menu, and confirm it in the next step.
  11. Next, select Mounts and Storage from the main menu and then select Format /system. Don’t worry. Your primary system partition will be untouched.
  12. Once the format is complete go back to the main menu and select Advanced, and from the next screen select Wipe Dalvik Cache
  13. Go back to the main menu and Select Install zip from SD card. Select the Eclipse RAZR M ROM zip file you had transferred to the SDcard in Step 3, and confirm the flash on the next screen
  14. Wait for the ROM flash to complete. Once finished, reboot your device.
  15. For best results, leave the device alone for at least 5-10 minutes after the first boot and let the new ROM settle in. While this may seem unnecessary, it usually prevents issues like inexplicable force closes later.

That’s it! Enjoy the smoothness, stability and excellent battery life with the Eclipse RAZR M ROM on your Motorola Droid RAZR M. 🙂

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