Dell is quitting the smartphone business


Looks like Dell might be looking to make a graceful exit from the Android smartphone stage. According to a report published in Forbes this Thursday, the computing giant is giving up on its smartphone line up. Jeff Clarke, Dell’s vice chairman and president of global operations and End User Computing Solutions announced this during the Dell World conference earlier this week.

China was among the last of the countries where Dell smartphones were available to this date. But looks like the Chinese will now also have to live without the company’s smartphone products too. Dell previously discontinued its smartphone line from the US as well as other regions.There is no place for Dell made smartphones anymore in this world.

Jeff Clarke disclosed the reason for the decision as, “it needs a lot of investments to really be successful,” The business is not just about quality hardware anymore, devices are either hailed or doomed because of the software goodies they pack now a days. Clarke seems to agree on that too as he said that “content play” matters more than what’s inside the smartphone. If your product is not coming with a fairly oiled experience, it will have little chance of making it big. “Amazon is selling books and Google is making it up with search, So far we couldn’t find a way to build a business on Android.” said Clarke.

As for now the Texas based company will be focusing its energies to the products which were always the reason of its core success. Dell will be making more Windows based smart products in near future with an emphasis on tablets and tablet/laptop hybrids. Jeff Clarke mysteriously also hinted that the company is not going to completely abandon Android saying, “It doesn’t mean we’re not looking at Android”. Still we highly doubt that Dell will be releasing a new Android powered smartphone in recent future.


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