Deus Ex: The Fall, falling on Android sometime in the future


If you are console gamer you must remember the amazing game called Deus Ex: Human revolution. Well you will be getting a new smartphone/tablet game called Deus Ex: The Fall. Veteran PC gamers will also be quite familiar with Deus Ex the original game, unfortunately Deus Ex: The Fall doesn’t seem to go back to the roots. The game is clearly inspired by the latest reincarnation of the franchise and will provide a similar experience.

According to the article published on the Deus Ex: The Fall website, the game will be releasing for the iOS platforms initially (that is the iPad and iPhone). The Android version of the game is also planned but no time frame is given at the moment. It is really surprising that a major publisher like Square Enix would miss out an opportunity to capture a larger audience at launch. None the less we will have reviews of the iOS version so we will be safe when the $7 game releases on our beloved platform.


A video has been posted which details the prominent features of Deus Ex: The Fall. The style of this game is clearly inspired by the console and PC game, some of the assent looks to be recycled for the game as well. You will feel right at home if you have experience playing the big game. You will be playing as Ben Saxon, a former British SAS mercenary who gets betrayed by his employers. Deus Ex: The Fall is set in 2027, the same year which the Human Revolution took place but will follow a completely different story line. The story is a sequel to the “Icarus Effect” novel written by James Swallow. The graphics of Deus Ex: The Fall look quite good for a mobile game and we are definitely interested in seeing where the game goes. We will update you once Deus Ex: The Fall release date for Android becomes public, and of course we will also be reviewing the game.

Source: Ubergizmo

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