Developers Speak Out on Why They Prefer iOS Over Android


It’s really no surprise that most apps over at iOS get the VIP treatment when compared to their Android counterparts. Leaving third party indie apps aside, this statement also reigns true for apps with a large developer pool behind them such as Skype or Team Viewer. Up till now, we thought this was majorly because of the fact that developers only had a handful of devices and iOS versions they have to make their apps compatible with. However, as it turns out, this is far from the case as pointed out by a thread provided by The Next Web News, which allowed developers to speak out freely without offending Google.

It’s true that most of the responses given at the website just seem like they are written from hardcore Apple fanboys who just are mesmerized by the company, but there are some that raise a genuine point as well. Some of them include the repliesĀ in which developers point out the easiness to program for the iOS and the power provided by other languages over Java while others are quick to point to the fact that the App Store simply rewards them more for their efforts and the chance of piracy over at iOS is very low.

Now, I know that Google can’t really do anything about the multitude of companies that take advantage of Android’s open source nature and make their own variants of the OS but they can improve security so that apps are harder to pirate as well as increasing the money that is paid to developers thus increasing the incentive for them to take Android seriously as well. I do realize that this is easier said than done but the company has to start somewhere and at this point in time so people would stop preferring development for the iOS over Android. To be honest, any step taken in this regard by Google would be highly appreciated by all.

That being said, if you do feel like cringing over the responses of some of the developers, we do recommend that you go over to this link and read exactly why these developers prefer iOS over Android.

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