Easy Search on Google Drive Arrives in Update


We are all fans of Google and Google drive but sometimes searching for a file on the application can be a real chore. Thankfully easy search on Google Drive is coming in an updated scheduled to arrive soon on all platforms. Google is always launching updates to their apps and this is partially the reason why we love Android. The new features will make searching files on the beloved cloud storage easy and faster.

The new features are an important part of the improvements Google aim to provide and make easy search on Google Drive a simple thing. These updates are announced just after the company announced actionable notifications for the file sharing feature in the Drive. In order to speed up the searches, the app will now allow you to search for specific types of files right from the search box. The company says that they have made some behind the curtain optimizations which will drastically improve the search times and provide accurate results. You will also be able to enter a name or email address to search shared files.


For someone who has extensively used Google Drive for university projects, this is a great feature. Although I have graduated a while back, these features will make collaborative projects a breeze to complete. Searching simply by typing the email address is a great way to locate the note someone shared with you without stressing your already overloaded brain. The advance search options can be opened directly from the search box. This means you will be able to perform accurate and precise searches by using various parameters like data and name.

The update will also help users with the latest iPhones. The 3D touch functionality will be utilized for easier shortcuts to the app without actually launching it. The update will be rolling out for all platforms very soon. What do you think about the inclusions? Do tell us in the comments below.

Google Link: Google Drive

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