Epic Citadel for Android is out

Epic Citadel for AndroidEpic Citadel for Android is a tech demo made using the Unreal Engine from Epic. For those who are unacquainted, Epic is a game publisher and a 3D game engine maker, one of the leading graphical engine provider in the industry. Many AAA games use the technology provided by the Unreal Engine to power their high profile game. Games like Batman Arkham City, Dishonored, Devil May Cry and Mass Effect 3 all use Unreal Engine to make beautiful game worlds. Epic Citadel for Android is a showcase of the said engine, for the mobile platforms.

Many gamers and tech enthusiasts may remember that the same engine also powered the famous Infinity Blade game on the iOS platform. The Epic Citadel was released before the Infinity Blade, to show off the power of the engine on mobile platform. And now the same demo is available on the Android platform. Epic Citadel for Android takes you to a citadel, complete with a village, towers, camps, bridges and rivers. This is truly a technological marvel. And a constant reminder how far we have come, in terms of graphical representation on portable platforms.

Epic Citadel supports many Android smartphones and tablets, and allows the users to explore the big citadel. You can control the movement and camera with the usual two virtual stick combinations. There is a touch to move system too if you just want to admire the views, just like the Google Maps. There are two modes to gauge your device, high performance and high quality. Epic Citadel for Android also supports resolution scaling if your device is struggling to run it at a decent frame rate. A benchmarking mode is also included to measure the grunt of your devices. All in all the Epic Citadel is an amazing piece of tech, and you should give it a go. Epic Citadel for Android is available for free at the Play Store.

Link: Epic Citadel

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