Facebook for Android gets a little love from Developers

facebookJust in case you missed it or haven’t really been using Facebook for Android or Facebook Home lately, let us be the supposed first people to tell you that a new Facebook app version is rolling out on the Play Store. Yes, apparently Facebook has finally decided to work on their app instead of some stupid smartphone idea and address many user complaints.

The features included in the Facebook version 3.4 were previously only listed in the beta version of the app but now they all have been fully tested and ready to go. These new features include the ability to share your news feed stories with your friends via private messages and the much asked for ability to be able to store the Facebook app on your SD card instead of your phone. I don’t know about the first feature but the second feature will come in real handy for all of those people who have a low budget phone and usually don’t have a lot of phone memory to spare. Perhaps that’s why this feature only works on Android 2.3.7 and lower.

Facebook Home has also received a little bit of love in this upgrade as well. Now, Facebook Home users will be able to create new folders by dragging apps on top of another. However, no support for additional devices has been added in this upgrade.

Personally, I really think its high time Facebook started giving some attention to its Android app more and get its rating up a little along with solving its many issues that users face on daily basis.

In any case, you can choose to help Facebook developers out in this process by signing up to be a beta tester. You can sign up for the beta testing by clicking here and fidget around with all the features that are still to be released before anyone else.

Google Play Store Link: Click here

Facebook Home Google Play Store Link: Click here

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