Facebook Whatsapp married for $16 billion

Facebook Whatsapp

Facebook has acquired Whatsapp for a cool bundle of cash. This is right folks; the social network giant has bought the booming chat and text app for a nice $16 billion dollars. Take it in for a minute. Now that you have gotten over the fact that an app can be sold for this much, consider this, Facebook also gave stocks worth $3.5 Billion to Whatsapp. This means that the total sum came up to be $19.5 billion.

So what does that mean for us, the users of Whatsapp? There can be two very possible scenarios in this. One is that Facebook Whatsapp becomes exactly what we don’t want it to become, that is Facebook Whatsapp. This means that the social site will try to integrate Whatsapp into the core experience of itself. This will result in Facebook Whatsapp app which may or may not retain its identity. This will be either good or bad for the customers.

Secondly, Facebook may simply kill Whatsapp and start marketing their messenger to everyone. Well this is one of the extreme possibilities but we have seen it happen a lot of times. Facebook might just be eliminating competition. That beings said, there will be no problems for the customers for the mean time. We will have to be on the lookout for what Facebook Whatsapp has in store for us. We may forever continue to use Whatsapp for free and we may have to start paying for the privilege. Only time and Facebook can tell us.

We recommend that you start using Viber as a viable alternative incase Facebook Whatsapp decided to screw us over. I have never used Whatsapp probably because I don’t like talking to people much. Also my friends think I’m some kind of a free PC repair guy. Anyways we will keep you posted on the Facebook Whatsapp love story.

Source: PhoneArena

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