FireFox Releases an Android App to Allow Users to Experience the OS

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Did you ever want to try out what it felt like to operate a non Android OS on your phone but never felt the need to wipe the data on your device? Well, as it turns out you can actually do that. No, we are not going to ask you to try out some whacky new way to install a custom ROM because as it turns out you can now actually try out the FireFox OS on your phone by simply installing an app.

The app is called FireFox Developer Preview 2.5 and is released by Mozilla in hopes to popularize the OS to a broader audience. The way it works is that the app, once installed, simply replaces the default launcher of your screen to replicate FireFox OS’ interface as well as enabling some additional OS features on your phone. The app also lets users access the FireFox market place from where they can download various other apps and add-ons to fully appreciate the beauty of the operating system as well as installing the FireFox browser onto the phone.

The only downside is that as of this moment the app does respond a bit slowly but that is somewhat understandable as it is still in its developer preview. Meaning it shouldn’t be tried out by someone who doesn’t know what they are doing. Another complaint I personally had was the fact that all my icons became pixelated after I installed the app. Hopefully both of these bugs will be fixed in future updates but for now they were more than enough for me to uninstall the app after 20 minutes of use.

FireFox OS has been available for quite some time now, yet it still hasn’t gained much traction. Hopefully this app will fulfill its purpose and finally be able to breathe a new life into the crumbling ecosystem of the OS.

Download Link: Click Here

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