First HP Android phone render appear, looks super fake

hp-android-smartphone-render-1Recently we have been getting reports of a HP smartphone and today we have a first HP Android phone render. This render as far as renders goes seems super fake and made by an amateur artist. While many reputable sites (including our source) are going around praising what may be the First HP Android phone, we are going to tarnish it.

First of all HP is an excellent PC maker, I love their products especially laptops. I’m typing this article on my 4 year old i3 HP laptop which is still in amazing condition and I only had to change the battery. Secondly HP has a really bad track record when it comes to Android. Their previous Android product was a tablet which to say the least, failed miserably and dropped off the face of the earth. Now we are always happy when a new manufacture tries to dive into the saturated Android sea, but HP has a long way to go to establish themselves as legitimate mobile phone manufactures.

Now let’s talk about the First HP Android phone render. Abundant lens flares? Check, iPhone body? Check, conveniently placed logo onto of Apple’s logo? Check, front ripped off from Nexus 4? Check. We are not going to point out the obvious but to be honest this is a really bad attempt. But hypothetically if the First HP Android phone render was of the actual smartphone, HP would be sued to hell by Apple. Just look at the camera placement and the flash. The logo is even at the same place. The shape and the colors and button placement all reeks of an iPhone knockoff. We are interested in a First HP Android phone, but if it looks anything like this poor render, count us out. We will be making fun of more renders as they arrive, so join in the fun guys in the comments below.

Source: Android Authority and Phone Arena

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