Fossil Q Releases Q Founder, their New Smart Watch


Just recently we talked about the ridiculously overpriced smart watch released by Tag Heuer and how the watch was one of a kind as it was released by an actual watch maker instead of a technology firm. Now, Fossil Q has decided to join Tag Heuer on that stage as they have just released their take on a smart watch running Android Wear by the name of Fossil Q Founder.

As of this moment, little details are known about the smart watch and apart from some basic specs and the price tag, we can’t really say much about it other than how good it looks. The Q Founder has a 400mAh battery, standard 22mm band support, 4GB of storage, and a 46mm case. There is no word about the SoC used in the watch or about the quality of glass used for its display. The only other thing, as previously mentioned, we do know is the price tag. The Q Founder will fortunately not be following Tag Heuer’s steps in this department as the watch will be available for only USD 295.

Other than the Moto 360, this is the only smart watch that actually manages to look like a decent replacement for a wrist watch. Compared to most of the other smart watches, the Q Founder does quite well in not looking like a cheap plastic toy you picked up at the dollar store. The watch will come with metallic bands and a variety of watch faces. The watch was originally rumored to be released with a price tag of USD 275 and this is why there is some speculation that a cheaper leather option might be made available with the lowered price.

With all these watch makers joining in on the smart watch fad, it makes us wonder that if this truly is the new evolution of wrist watches or will analogues remain timeless?

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