Galaxy S4 Active Spotted in Naming Profile

jellybean-leak-Samsung-400pxSince the release of the Galaxy S4, there have been releases of different models for other countries and markets, including the Galaxy S4 Mini. The Galaxy S4 Active (GT-I9295) is said to have an Active-resolution of 1920 x 1080, which leads me to wonder why Samsung would be releasing a different version of the Galaxy S4 that has similar specifications.

One thing that does make the Galaxy S4 Active unique from other models of the Galaxy S4 is that the Galaxy S4 is said to be able to shoot at an ISO speed of up to 1000, leading me to believe that Samsung wants to sell a version of the Galaxy S4 that is going to target the photography crowd.

Samsung produces a lot of different models of devices for all different price ranges, countries, and carriers. We shouldn’t be surprised that Samsung is taking one of their higher end devices and making some other demographic-specific models. As to whether or not these models will be available in the US, they might, but they won’t be heavily pushed.

galaxy s4 active


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