Galaxy S4 and HTC One Google Play Edition are now available


Are you fed up with manufactures installing bloatware and stupid software on your new smartphones? Well try the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition and HTC One Google Play Edition smartphones. These exciting new smartphone will have the hardware you love with the added benefit of stock Android. SO say good bye to pesky pre-installed apps on your phone and enjoy the stellar smartphone with vanilla Android OS.

The Google Play Edition smartphones are now available for purchase at the Google Play store and will be shipping really soon. You might have noticed that Google is now calling the two flagships “Google Play Edition” phones, previously they were known as Nexus Experience devices. There might be a hidden reason for the sudden name changing but we are more interested in the smartphones to pay heed to that. Both the smartphone will have exactly the same specs as their normal versions but you will have Android as it was meant to be used.

The downside will be that the Google Play Edition smartphone won’t have the usual software enhancements which make use of the special hardware. So don’t expect to use HTC Zoe, or Samsung’s various sensors. Frankly we will be able to use almost all the features after the great modders get their hands on the Google Play Edition devices.

The Galaxy S4 Google Play Edition will set you back $649 for the 16 GB version while the HTC One Google Play Edition will cost $599 for the 32 GB version. If you reside in the US, you can start ordering your Google Play Edition smartphone today. Google promises to ship the Google Play Edition smartphones by July 9th but considering the shaky track record, we won’t be betting on it. We will keep you posted about the Google Play Edition smartphones. Until then start preordering your favorite device.

Source: Google Play Store

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