Galaxy S4 Black Edition is sexy

Galaxy S4 Black Edition

Samsung is at it again! And this time it is the amazing looking Galaxy S4 Black Edition. The name says it all and it is quite true Galaxy S4 Black Edition is indeed a black version of last year’s flagship smartphone. The phone comes with the same faux leather back which was introduced in the Samsung Galaxy Note series last year. To be honest, the smartphone does look quite amazing.

Samsung has been unloading a ton of devices on the market in the hopes that everyone will get the color they need. This time around it is not a cherry colored abomination which only a handful of people will want. This is the Galaxy S4 Black Edition, a truly attractive and desirable color. Sure there are many other colors of Samsung Galaxy S4, including a standard black one but Galaxy S4 Black Edition takes this to another level. This smartphone comes with the same faux leather back first seen on Galaxy Note 3. The back is obviously plastic but comes really close to mimicking the touch of leather.

That’s not all though, apart from Galaxy S4 Black Edition there is also a Galaxy S4 Mini Black Edition too. So if you want to have a smaller smartphone with a “premium” back, you can get that. The insides of both smartphones are the same as standard editions though. On the Galaxy S4 Black Edition there is the same 5 inch full HD 1080p screen and the same quad core Snapdragon 600 processor. There is a 13 MP camera on the back too. The Galaxy S4 Black Edition is currently only headed towards Russia next month and comes with a now expensive price tag of $660. To be honest Samsung needs to tone down the price a bit, especially when the next iteration of the series is on the verge of announcement.

Source: Sam Mobile

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