Google+ and Google Calendar gets updated

5907956-1339107517345Looks like Google is getting in the mood for Christmas, that wonderful time of the year when everyone is trying to give something. Google is updating it’s to major applications on the Android platform. The calendar update will make it one of the most functional and helpful app in the Android operating system. Not only you can now save appointments and dates on the app you can also add addresses and contact numbers too. When the remainder goes on, this will display as a shortcut to corresponding app. Now you can simply call the contact which was saved in the appointment right from the notification. It is pretty handy if you want to skip a boring tea party.

– Call and go to map directly from notifications
– Location suggestion on event creation
– Quick event creation from month view

Next up is Google+ which has been constantly updated by the parent company in order to make it more competent to the big social boys. The photosphere feature makes it unique among Twitter and Facebook, and communities provide a valid alternative to Facebook’s groups. Both of these features were missing on the Android platform ever since they launched, Google is going to rectify that with the latest update. Among the 18 new features to be included in the update is the latest Photo Sphere viewer and full size image backups which will be instantly uploaded up to 5GB.

Among other features is improved content authoring, on the go profile editing and a simple notification when there is more things to read. Google seems to get in the full swing of the festive season this year.

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