Google introduces Project Tango, a 3D mapping phone

Project Tango

Google is once again on the forefront of technology, this time around it’s the Project Tango phone. What is so special about this one you ask? Well this smartphone is capable of 3D mapping in real time. Project Tango phone is made to give mobile devices a human like understanding of space and motion. This is the combined result of robotics and computer wizardry.

We won’t be going too deep in how the phones will actual 3D map objects but we will touch the issue though. The Project Tango prototype will combine sensors and software which is designed to track the fill 3D motion of the device while simultaneously creating a map of the environment. This means that you will need to hold the device and move it around to capture a full plain which will then be translated into virtual 3D space on the phone via special software. We are assuming this works like the photo sphere feature which is available in the smartphones of today. But instead of capturing a sphere of picture, Project Tango smartphone will be able to deliver 3D virtual goodies.

The smartphone won’t be available commercially but Google is aiming to send it towards developers soon. March 14 will be the day Project Tango will be ready to tango in developer’s office. Google just as always is also offering the smartphone to developers who have unique ideas about using the technology in their apps. We can think of at least 10 interesting ways of implementing the smartphone’s 3D mapping powers to create interesting games. Imagine a Skylanders like app in which you can pit everyday objects against each other. Simply scan your car keys and get ready for rumble. Project Tango is without a doubt, the next big advancement in smartphone technology. While it won’t be coming into everyday smartphones soon, it will certainly be quite useful in apps and games.

Source: PC Mag

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