Google is Considering Making their Own Android Phone


Unlike Apple, Google has its flagship devices from different manufacturers, however as a recent leak has pointed out this may change soon as the company is seriously considering making their own Android device without help from other OEMs.

The leak comes in the form of a report which has cited several people who work for Google, stating that talks for building the company’s very own Android device are under way among its CEOs. The company is supposedly looking to have a better grip over its Android OS and finally respond to Apple’s relentless bashing against Android device.

We don’t really know how much truth is in that report as it is after all a “leak” but we do know that Google, unlike Apple, does have the necessary resources to build their very own device without using the chipset of any other OEM. The company does have a lot of Motorola patents lying around in their storage from the time they acquired and then sold the company to Lenovo. Apart from that, Google already does have its own made devices out in the market, namely the Chromebook Pixel and the upcoming Pixel C tablet and some more are to follow.

There are some tech experts who are concerned that how such a move will affect Google’s partnership with major OEMs such as Samsung, who have thought about leaving the Android ecosystem in the past. That being said, there are some who believe that doing so will be the right move on the company’s behalf as Google will finally be able to handle security related issues more effectively and push updates on a more regular basis. Of course while both the sides do have some excellent points, the important thing to consider here is that this is still under debate at Google and nothing has been finalized, so we will just have to wait and see if this comes to be true or not.

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