Google Maps get an update – So what’s new?

1 2We all use Google Maps for various purposes, while some of us use them for navigation; others use them to find certain places of interests such as shops, restaurants, etc. Perhaps that is why we were so keen on reviewing the latest updates to Google Maps in detail. While you can find the apk teardowns of this update from various other sources, we will try to keep it as brief and simple as possible.

So what is new in the latest update? Well for starters, the app has gotten a Google Now style route preview for the first of the three possible navigation routes. All you have to do is press the “Start Navigation” button and the app will take you from point A to B, Now style.

The second thing that really got my attention was the addition of a Book option in the Hotels tab. Now you can use Google Maps to not only browse through different hotels ads but also open up their sites (in your default browser, of course) to book rooms. You are now also able to view hotel rates while you are browsing through the city maps on small cards.

Other changes include different bug fixes (especially for HTC sets), hours of operation swapping places with the address of a place of business and getting highlighted, ratings getting named, addition of different touch icons, new permissions and some very minor design and color tweaks.

While these changes may be minor they do enhance user experience and manage to make Google Maps a bit more user friendly. So go ahead and update your Google Maps as soon as you can as this update does seem worth it. Of course, you can be in a region where the update is not yet available, if that is the case, we would suggest that you hold just a bit longer as Google apps are usually made available without too much delay.

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Images Courtesy of: Android Police

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