Google Releases its Best Apps of 2015 List


The Play Store often is quite a confusing place as there are so many apps which can fulfill a single purpose. The rating system does mitigate that problem but at the end of the day, it all comes down to user preference. This is exactly the reason why coming up with a list of top tier apps can be a bit tedious but this still isn’t enough to dissuade Google which always comes up with a list of best apps of the year in December.

Keeping that tradition alive, Google has released the annual list titled: “Best Apps of 2015” to help users find great apps which were popular throughout the year. The apps in the list seem to be selected on the number of downloads they got throughout the year and their popularity among Android users. To make things easier, the whole list is divided into 8 categories containing 5 apps each. These categories include: Communication & Social, Photography Apps, Made in/Popular in your current region, Tools & Productivity, Entertainment Apps, Family Favourites, Great on Tablets and Personilsation Apps.

As I mentioned before, this list contains the most downloaded apps within a specific region which is why the lists themselves may vary within regions. However, there are some apps which are popping up almost in all lists. These apps include Twitch, Skype, Telegram and Go Keyboard.

The disappointing thing about this whole thing is that these lists contains almost no new app for anyone who frequents the Play Store and some of them are even quite buggy, Skype being the most notorious example. That being said, the list does highlight some up & new comers and many apps I might have missed out on. Another great thing about the list is that almost all apps (at least in my region) are free to use, which provides for an interesting prospect for me to try out some of the apps I haven’t tried before. Do tell if there are some apps in your local lists that you had never heard about before by viewing the full list HERE.

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