How to Disable or Block Stock Apps on your Android Phone


One of the main reasons people root is to be able to get rid of annoying notifications and/or stock app notifications on their phones. While there is no other way to debloat your phone other than to root it, there are certain other ways via which you can quite easily disable or block and app you may have. One of the ways you can do this is by using a software called Debloater.

Debloater is a freeware PC program that is able to not only remove apps (if you’re rooted) but alternatively can also disable/block apps you don’t use. Unfortunately, the program only works on either rooted device or those which are running KitKat and above but apart from that, the whole thing works like a charm.

The program is real simple to use and doesn’t really require much computer know how. You simply download and install the program from the given link and run it like you would any other program. The only prerequisite the program requires is that you have USB debugging enabled on your phone before you connect it to the PC. Once you have done that, the rest is real simple. You can simply choose the apps you want to block/disable by either going through the list of apps installed on your phone or by using the “Filter” option provided in the GUI of Debloater. After you have selected the programs you want to disable, you just click the Apply button and wait a couple of seconds. Alternatively, if you have root privileges, the software also allows you to remove said programs by checking the remove option. Oh and if you’re ever uncertain about something, any changes made by the software are reversible by a simple factory reset, provided you didn’t remove the apps. If you have done that, you can alternatively use the backups of the apps, which is created by Debloater on your PC, you removed.

There isn’t much else to talk about as the whole thing is quite simplistic in its GUI and doesn’t really need lengthy explanations. Of course, the program can certainly use some improvements here and there to make it look a bit fancier but apart from that, I personally saw no other complaints. So, if you’re looking to how to disable apps or remove them from your Android smartphone, we highly recommend that you think about trying Debloater.

Debloater Download Link: Click Here

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