How to disable the Galaxy Gear’s camera shutter sound

Samsung Galaxy Gear

While we are all for the Android OS here at Android Junkies, we can’t help but extend our expertise and help whenever we can do devices which were originally Android but were forced to change their OS due to some awful reason. Yes, you guessed it, I’m talking about the newly converted Tizen Galaxy Gear smart watch. While this guide won’t really address any important issue concerning the Tizen Galaxy Gear, it does however will teach you how to disable the shutter sound of the watch. So if that’s something you want, let’s get started.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any damages that might be done to your device either during or after the process, proceed at your own risk.

Prerequisites: You will require Tizen SDK installed on your computer (download from here) as well as having root privileges on your Galaxy Gear (you can follow our guide for that over here).


  • Once you have achieved root privileges on your device follow the steps given below
  • Connect it to a computer and open a CMD window in the folder containing the sdb binary (search for it in the Tizen SDK folder).
  • Type the following commands to remove the shutter sound from your watch; sdb root on
  • sdb shell mount -o remount,rw /
  • sdb shell mv /usr/share/sounds/mm-camcorder/ /usr/share/sounds/mm-camcorder_bak/
  • sdb shell mv /usr/apps/ /usr/apps/
  • Once done, simply close the CMD window and disconnect your device from the computer and do a reboot.
  • That’s about it you will now have no sounds whatsoever when you use the Gear’s inbuilt camera.

Well that’s about the only use that we do know that you can achieve after rooting your Samsung Galaxy Gear, if you somehow manage to come up with a better use or know someone that has, do let us know so we can spread the word. Till then, happy rooting people.

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