How to download Gapps for your ROM – The easy way

1 2Everyone who has ever had the pleasure of installing a custom ROM on their device knows how important Gapps can be. While to most users they are just the standard apps that come pre-installed in all Stock ROMs and can easily be flashed on to a custom ROM, flashing Gapps can get a bit tedious for users who are new to this strange world of custom ROMs.

Now, I know there are applications such as GooManager which are a great tool for users who understand how to navigate its file system and how to read file name but the whole process does get a bit tedious for those who don’t. This is where the latest app EasyGapps by MBQ_ (Senior Member, XDA Developers) comes in handy.

EasyGapps simply directs its users straight to the source Gapps website without them having to browse through hundreds of other developer creations. Now for an experienced user this may sound like a very simplistic app which they might have no use for but for a newbie, this app can save a lot of trouble and headache.

The app has a very clean and simplistic UI which doesn’t really require much explanation. The app provides access to four different package types which include, Official Gapps, which bring users directly to the Gapps folder in; Banks GApps; Slim GApps; and PA GApps, which appears to be inaccessible at the moment. Other features include hardware acceleration for the app’s UI, app themes, optimized views, cleared cache on exit and a directory of other things created by the developer (for promotional purposes of course).

Now, downloading the app on your phone is easy enough as EasyGapps is available on the Play Store for no cost what so ever. If you are a user who is totally new to the world of flashing Custom ROMs, we highly recommend that you think about getting this ROM instead of wasting time browsing through hundreds of developer creations, trying to find the version of Gapps you need.

Google Play Store Link: Click here

App’s XDA Dev. Forum Link: Click here

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