How to Download Stock ROM for Samsung Devices using SamFirm


Over the course of the past few months, we have focused a lot on how to unbrick various devices and even went as far as to publish a full guide on how to fully restore any Samsung device back to the stock firmware. While the procedure to unbrick the device was pretty straight forward, there were a few complaints about the download speed provided by Sam Mobile on the stock firmwares. Of course, users are free to download the stock ROM from any link of their choice but quite often this means dealing with a lot of ads. Well, that was the case until now as thanks to a software by zxz0O0 called SamFirm, we can circumvent that problem as well.

SamFirm allows users to download the stock firmware of any Samsung mobile directly from the OEM’s servers. These are the same servers which are used by Kies, therefore users are able to experience relatively fast download speeds than those offered by other 3rd party servers.

Using the software itself is pretty easy as well but to make things easier, we are going to publish a small guide on how to download the firmware from the software.

SamFirm Download LINK: Click Here


  • Enter the phone’s Model number, Region and check the Auto option.
  • Tap Check Update. If the software fails, Check the manual option and enter the stock ROM’s information. If you can’t find it, you can look for this information in either your device’s download mode or by connecting it to Kies. If you’re trying to downgrade, always remember Google is your friend in trying to get that information.
  • Click Download and once the download completes, click decrypt to get the stock firmware in a .zip file
  • Extract the .zip and you will end up with the familiar .tar.md5 you need to use in Odin.
  • That’s it, now you can just follow this guide here to restore your device to stock.
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